About Us

Affroz - Affordable Ready to Wear Luxe
As our tagline represents, Affroz is all about affordable ready-to-wear fashion that is luxurious and chic. We believe in quality and style and thats the reason we even use fabrics that takes us a step towarsds sustainability.
Affroz is Legacy's most premium fashion brand, and it has everything you need to look your best for any occasion. Whether you're looking for designer attire or classic fashionwear, it's a one-stop destination brand for all your clothing requirements.
Affroz is a new name in fashion industry in India today. But it is a name that will be recognized worldwide very soon.

Affroz’s core mission is to offer a luxury fashion solution at most affordable prices to Today’s women. By providing the latest fashion and designer wear for women, we want every woman to feel comfortable and confident in her own skin. We believe that every woman is beautiful and has her own unique style, which should always be celebrated.

At Affroz, our goal is to be the most favored fashion brand for modern women across the world. We've got the perfect blend of classic and modern styles, and we're not afraid to push boundaries. We want you to feel good about what you're wearing, but we also want your style to show off your personality.